At SVM, we are committed to improving your physical space.


We are construction partners who are passionate about what we do and our partners’ success. We pride ourselves on being solution providers.


We create vibrant space allowing clients to excel in their work environment.


We have been known to do a number of diverse projects, but our speciality is in commercial renovation.


Our primary focus is on providing client the peace of mind through our quality and customer service.


SVM Construction LTD is a collection of building professionals providing for property management and land development.

Quality, experience and commitment to clients are the characteristics that embody SVM Construction. With trusted work from the hands of experts in various fields (architects, engineers, project managers and journeymen) we are built to service all facets of property management. Over 25 years of knowledge brought together to handle any job, from the smallest problem to the largest disaster, SVM Construction can provide you with relief and security.

Main Services

A service for Property Managers or Home Owners looking to add value or want to update their property.

Property ruined by a disaster or accident? We have the equipment and technicians to service any property damage.

Our architects and engineers have the experience to provide any service from consultation to complete project management.

Helping Client shape their future.