About Us

Quality, experience and commitment to clients are the characteristics that embody SVM Construction. With trusted work from the hands of experts in various fields (architects, engineers, project managers and journeymen) we are built to service all facets of property management. Over 25 years of knowledge brought together to handle any job, from the smallest problem to the largest disaster, SVM Construction can provide you with relief and security.

Our Technicians are trained to follow the standards of practice for building restoration and utilize cutting edge technology. We take property damage very serious and pride ourselves in surpassing expectations. Our team has experience working in both commercial and residential sites and we know the similarities and differences that accompany each site.

The team is brought together by a passion for construction built to service the growing career field of restoration. Our team still retains the passion to build and to quench that thirst, we continually take on renovation and construction jobs. From building new additions for homes to forming for commercial buildings, SVM construction is a brand that is synonymous with reliability, quality and excellence.