Residential Construction

 Our team is Tarion licensed, trained and experienced to serve your needs. From custom designed builds to breathe new life into your home or to developing land with affordable housing such as subdivisions, townhomes and condominiums. We will work with you and provide you with all our expertise and resources in order to bring your development to fruition. We are a team of architects, engineers and builders who can create, plan and manage any project you have in mind. We can provide consultation, complete project managing, and planning.

We Offer

Architectural designs

Our in house architect will work with you to develop your property. Expertise and Experience is key in the design stage to give direction and plan the development.

Site Management

We have a team of professionals who at any time can provide project management. Experience is the defining factor between having the project finished on time or being delayed, with us you can rest assured that the project timeline will always be updated and made available to you. Transparency and our commitment to our clients are our values.


A part of any land development project is getting a survey of the land. We have experienced surveyors who will get you the information you need to make an informed decision about purchasing land and developing it.

Building Permits/ Planning Approval

Obtaining building permits is a long process that can take between 15-60 days, we use our connections to the permit office to make sure this process goes smoothly and as quickly as possible. We are TARION Certified as well as B.C.I.N. registered.